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Cybermodeler Online. Notice: The appearance of U. Air Force, U. Army, U. Navy, U. Marine Corps, U. A biplane without rigging looks like a man walking down the street without any trousers. Rigging is not hard to do; it has a bad name because it is a slow and tedious job waiting until the glue on each wire is firmly dried before proceeding with the next step.

Many good methods are available on the Internet. However, this article contains methods I have never seen in print. One friend did obtain the Aeroclub product and he said it did all that was claimed; only fault being it could not make the coffee. At the end of that time he was very hungry. This why I and many others use Platyl fishing line which does all we need. Quite possibly there are other brands that will do the same job but Platyl is in plentiful supply here. How long does it last? I have no idea, the only evidence I can give one of my first efforts rigged 35 years ago has one wire fallen out and the unpainted fishing line yellow with age.

So I purchased such a line. Unfortunately their letter is lost amongst the myriads of papers so am unable to give the diameter of the thinner wires between the struts. Many modellers prefer to use stretched sprue or fine stiff wire. Useful tip here is to drill the upper hole much deeper than the bottom which is little more than a scratch on the wing surface.

In the early days I pulled the lines very tight when doing one wing. The other wing proved impossible to rig correctly and, looking from above I saw the first rigged wing was at a very very incorrect angle to the fuselage. Only solution was consigning it to the scrap bin. From this I learnt to pull taut — not tight- and also do one wire on one wing then one wire on the other wing and so on until the rigging is complete.

Before any assembly of the model mark and use a pin vice drill to drill where each wire will go. The bit size is slightly larger than the wire you are using.

You need something that will make a small dip into the plastic. Said dip prevents your drill bit from jumping out and marking the plastic. A small nail lightly tapped with a hammer is efficiently for this purpose. If you have a radial engine check and see if the engine can be fitted after assembly and rigging. No great drama if this cannot be done. Just remember never to fit the control column into place when assembling the cockpit.

Two types of holes can be drilled, the choice of which to use is yours. One is a blind hole which only goes part-way through the plastic and the other which goes all the way through. Using a blind hole I tie a simple knot at one end of the line and trim off the surplus. The hole drilled is large enough to take the knot. Once the knot is in place then glue it. The knot means a greater gluing area therefore a stronger join.We are honored to say that we have made models for 4 U.

Regardless of most of our "competitors" universally calling all their models "museum quality", we are the one with models in most of the large museums. Click here for 's of samples of Custom made airplane models we've done for people, governments and corporations all over the world! We specialize in large custom display models for collectors, museums, military organizations and corporations.

To order your custom model, please email Joel Rosen at joel motionmodels. Lehman Jr. Click here to view Click here for 's of samples of Custom made airplane models we've done for people, governments and corporations all over the world! Dora Railway Gun 5-foot M47 tank model baby tank for your den?

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Just send email to Joel Rosen at joel motionmodels. We will be happy to discuss your out of stock or custom model purchase. Payment or layaway payment plans are also available for some models. You may FAX us at To those veterans who have fought in past conflicts and all active duty military personal, we at Motion Models, Inc.

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Joel, Judith, Allen, Robin, Shawn We have the largest selection of ready to display models anywhere at the lowest prices available. We most likely have your model, in whatever scale or color you require. Thank you. Motion Models, Inc. University Dr.World War 1 Aircraft model airplanes, biplanes, triplanes, racing planes and more aircraft model kits.

Some of the Bi-Wing aircraft listed here are actually from after the War but since they're biplanes, I put them on this page. This is very rare to see a World War 1 flight suit in this condition today. The U. Utilized primarily in conjunction with the U.

Akron and U. Macon airshipsthe Sparrowhawks also operated briefly from the aircraft carrier U. If Anyone knows about how these planes were stored and launched from these dirigibles or know of any links to pages with information about the Sparrowhawk, any of the ships listed above or about this Dirigible launching system, please let me know at the bottom of this page.

Jeff Dyrek, webmaster. Typical of Golden Age aircraft, the PT sports an open, tandem cockpit and wheel spats. Detailed plastic kit features raised panel lines and choice of landing gear or floats for included water display base. Includes two pilot figures, choice of markings and 37 pieces. Write to the Webmaster. British World War 1 Airplanes. German World War 1 Airplanes.

You can see the pictures of these WW1 aircraft in these pages of model planes. Model Airplanes. Famous People. Airplane Books. Airplane Movies. Pre World War 1. German WW1. British WW1. Red Baron. Curtis Jenny. World War 1 Model Airplanes Home. Sopwith Camel. SPAD Models. Stearman Airplanes. WW1 Model Airplanes. Jet Fighters. WWII Fighters.

WWI Fighters. Curtis Jenny Model Airplanes. Sopwith Camel Aircraft Models. Stearman Biplane Model Aircraft. Wright Brothers Airplanes and Stuff.Hello and welcome to my World War 1 aircraft models site. Another long break in modelling followed whilst I served in the Royal Air Force and later, as a civilian Technical Author. My preference has always been aircraft of the period covering World War 1 and the models I build are in scale.

These build logs detail, where possible, details of the pilot and of the particular aircraft. They also include reference material photographs and drawings as well as full stage by stage chapters on how the model was constructed.

The build logs are for modellers to download and use as either a building guide or as reference material. About e: sandbaggeruk sky. After leaving school at the age of 15 I took up an indentured engineering apprenticeship as a toolmaker.

ww1 model planes

After I completed my apprenticeship, I worked on as a skilled toolmaker for a few years before deciding to join the Royal Air Force in I continued in this role untilwhen I retired from full time employment. Occasionally I convert models to represent aircraft types that are not available. More models will be added to this site as they are completed. I hope you find my models of interest. Baker 12 victories. Pfalz D. Roland C. Fokker E. Fokker DR.

McDonald 8 victories. Navarre 12 victories. DFW T. Hermann Dorner.These World War 1 Aircraft Models come in plastic model airplane kits, wood aircraft kits, diecast model aircraft, and mahogany aircraft models. Be sure to check back to see more WW1 Airplane Models as we continue to update this site.

We are adding many plastic and wood WW1 airplanes on a regular basis. Airco DH. The first prototypes were flown on Marth 4th and were powered by two horsepower Siddeley Puma engines used as pusher props.

This prototype only reached 90 mph at 15, feet with the specified bomb load. Since the DH. This prototype was called the Amiens Mark II. The DH. After the war they were used as air mail service to the British Army for the occupation on the Rhine river.

It was designed to use the unsuccessful ABC Dragonfly engine and was abandoned after the first prototype was built. Avro WW1 Model Airplanes. Beardmore WB. Bristol F. From early in until the end of the war the Royal Flying Corps had, in the form of the Bristol F.

ww1 model planes

The solid bi-plane construction soon proved to be a big success and the success rate increased in direct proportion to pilot experience. A total of around of these aircraft were built. The F. Caproni Ca. The Caproni Ca. One of the most effective bombers of any air force during WWI, the Ca.

They have a lot of models that you can buy individually for the game or just your collection.

ww1 model planes

Caudron G. Curtiss Jn-4 Model Airplanes. Here for more Curtiss Jenny Models. Fairey Campania. Fairey Swordfish Model Airplanes. Fairey Swordfish Mk. I from No.

In one of the most daring Royal Navy raids of World War II which actually served as a blueprint for Japan's attack on Pearl Harbora group of 21 slow, outdated, torpedo-equipped Swordfish biplanes attacked and crippled the Italian Fleet in the heavily defended port of Taranto on November 11, This is a list of World War I Entente aircraft organized by country of origin. Dates are of first flight. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Wikimedia list article.

Their Flying Machines. Retrieved 10 July Aviation in World War I. Hidden categories: Articles with short description Commons category link is locally defined. Namespaces Article Talk.

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World War 1 Aircraft (1914-1918)

Wikimedia Commons. Curtiss JN-4 Canadian. Astoux-Vedrines triplane. Astra bomber. Bernard SAB C1. Borel-Boccacio Type Breguet Bre. Coutois-Suffit Lescop C1.The Great War saw the Rise of Flight, warplanes of all types designed specifically for the purpose of winning wars.

AEG C. AEG D. AEG DJ. AEG Dr. AEG G. Aeromarine AGO C. AirCo DH. Albatros B. Albatros C. Albatros D. Albatros J. Alcock A. Anatra D-Series. Ansaldo A. Ansaldo SVA Primo. Continue Scrolling to See Additional Entries.

10 Fastest WW1 Aircraft Recorded (2020)

Armstrong Whitworth F. Austin A. Aviatik B.

ww1 model planes

Aviatik C.